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I got my EVIC +Homelink, I've got a 2002 Base Intrepid and here's a rundown on what works and doesn't work. The non-working items I expected due to the model year and trim level of my car.

Here we go.

Working Standard items:
Compass + Temperature
Average and Instant MPG
Miles to Empty
Trip miles and Reset
Elapsed time and reset
Miles to service and Reset

Working Programable Menu Items:
Service interval miles
Auto Door Locks
Auto Unlock Exit
Remote Unlock ALL
Sound Horn with Door Lock
Flash Lights with Lock
Head Lamp Delay

The overhead map lights work fine with the door opening or remote unlock along with dimming to off after closing the door and starting the car. All three Homelink buttons indicate they're transmitting when pressed. I can't tell if they work as I don't have a Garage door opener or other type of receiver. There are a number of receivers on the market to turn your inside house lights on, open the garage door, etc. The EVIC remembers what mode it was last in after turning off ignition and starting the car again. Display dims properly with the dash lights.

I will have to wait until I get my new EVIC + PSI before mailing out the unit. But let me know if you are interested I will give you a good deal. Will even deliver if you are going to be at Carlisle.
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