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Hey guys... I've got some 2G stuff for sale after finishing some mods.. (all this is out of my 2001 R/T) - I'll get pictures up tomorrow (gotta get the digital camera from my girlfriend tonight)

Stock console lid from light taupe interior $15

Stock Intrepid dash cluster - has ABS/Trac Control/Airbag $40

Stock RAZ radio - CD/Tape/3-band EQ - no RDS, no CD changer controls $70

CD changer cable (CD changer end is square, radio end is circle) $20

Cubby hole for below radio $10

Non auto-dim rearview mirror $10

Non-lighted tan visors $10

Stock door handles from light taupe interor (will separate) $3 for each

Stock window and door lock switches (will separate) $3 for each

Stock master window switch $10

Prices on everything is negotiable, so send me an offer! - prices listed above do not include shipping
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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