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I just had my PCM replaced (2002 R/T) after my MIL came on. Thank goodness I still have a month left on the 3/30k.

Anyway, I picked up the car and noticed 2 things.
1. The speedometer is dead and the odometer is static. I found a probable solution for this in that the tech forgot step 23 in the TSB, Pinion factor. The service manual also states that if this is not done on a new PCM the speedometer will be inoperative , which mine is.

2. The fuel gauge is wildly reactive. Meaning that with approx a 1/2 tank of gas the gauge will go from 1/4 when stopping to 3/4 when accelerating from a stop in about 4-5 seconds. I can watch the level indicator tick in what appears to be 1-2 second intervals.

My question.. Is the update interval programed in PCM also? I can't find a DRBIII menu tree or anything about PCM programing that can help me figure out why that might be. I am taking it back to the dealer , but I like to understand these things. ;)

(oops, i thought i WAS in the 2g forum :doh: )
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