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fun till someone loses an eye

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i know that there is a huge difference (in terms of mechanical design) between the 93-97 intrep and the 98+....however...whats faster...the old ES, or the new? i mean the old 3.5 and the new 3.2, and i aint talking about the obvious...i want to see real world numbers in the 1/8th and 1/4 mile...and who's faster by how much?
(everyone! take out your spare tire, syphon out your gastank, and head to the track somethin fierce!)
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I heard reports that its not as fast as the 1st gen, my mother-in-law had has (65 and she races!!!) She had the old ES Trep which I drove, and has the 2nd gen now... If I remember rightly I think the 1st gen was faster... Hey I might be wrong.. but thats what it felt like to me.

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Wild, forgive me, I am a dumbass but I really did think that the new 3.5 is slower than the 1st gen 3.5, is that what your refering to?
Last time I drove the 3.5 ES was around 2 years ago, thats why I am questioning myself a tad, but I am sure I was shocked cos I thought the new ES would be faster...
Thats why...!!! Thats why you get paid the big bux huh War! :)
I`d stick with 1st gen ES, I just like it better... cosmetically, they really didnt add any fancy bodywork on the new ES compared to the Old..

Like the sig quote LHSer :)
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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