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ok so i got my gauges and gauge pod from Romeo021 and now im almost ready to install them he gave me a pretty basic idea of how to install them but i was wondering if anyone else had anything more to add to it

the three gauges are air/fuel ratio....Voltage meter.....Oil Pressure

and heres Romeo021s explanation on it

easiest part is connecting all the black wires together and then
drill a small hole in the metal behind the fuse cover, and put a screw through it....
take the screw back off, and then crimp a eyelit connector (also available at walmart)
on the black wires, then screw the eylit into the hole you drilled,
the red wires that come off of the little black boxes
need to be connected to the orange wire on the back of the headlight controls.
you dont have to cut this wire, just shave back some of the orange to expose wire,
and then connect the red wires, and tape it up

NOTE: when you connect the black wires, connect all of the to one wire before attaching
the eyelit.and when you connect the red ones to the headlight wire, use only one wire at
the main connection.
next you need to connect the other red wires to a fuse that goes to something that
DOES NOT work with the key off.
that should finish the installation of the volt meter,
then all you have to do s connect the oil pressure wire, and the O2 sensor wire.

anyone have anything else to add to that ???

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the volt meter is the easier to install, just power, ground and a lead for light is they are dimmable

as for the air/fuel and oil PSI they should each have asending unit to be installed, the oil PSI on a 3.2 is not an easy task because of the oil cooling lines but if you look around you will find the write up I did on my install with parts listed
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