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Glow Dash

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I love the white faces on the dash- but-I would love it even more if I could get them to glow a nice green or blue at night. Does anyone know how? Any help appreciated.
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I use to have a couple wide-angle blue LED's mounted on my steering column facing the dash. I was surprised on how much it really looked like the electroluminescent custom guage clusters that AREN'T made for the intrepid. I took that out and this past week I have been replacing all of the incondescent/green LED bulbs for the guage cluster, heater/ac controls, door window and lock controls, and headlight/dash dimmer control with blue LED's. Let me tell you, it looks awesome. The LED's I got are very bright but quite expensive. each was $2.50 and I got a total of 26 I think. Anyways, I love blue and I am so stoked that this worked out the way it did. Next I am going to get some surface mount LED's to replace the green ones in my stereo (aftermarket, not stock... althought stock would probably be easier to change over to blue), and in the mirror control module on the driver's door. After that, there won't be one single green light left except for the in-dash indicator lights such as "cruise". I even changed the green turn signal lights in the dash to blue. I'll try to get pictures, but I don't know how well it will all show.
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Sweet-thanks bro. I'll give the LED's a try, damn, i wish they made more aftermarket parts for our treps! Let me know how the green to blue conversion goes.

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Well, you said you like blue lights and I do to so I'll show you what I did. I also have two little turquoise lights at the top of the b-pillars that shine on the roofliner really faint.. makes it blue though. :D

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that looks pretty friggin tough
That looks really sweet! Did you position them under the seats? I gotta hook my 95 up with some glow!
That looks really sweet man! What kind of lights did you use to do that, and how did you position them under the seats? I was going to position a light under the dash on both sides of the car, just above people's feet. I was going to make the dome lights all blue, and make the lights under the dash that shine on the floor red. Any suggestions on bulb placement, and which colors would look best? What do you think the blue dome lights, and red floor lights would look like?
That does look pretty sweet. I was thinking of putting some red neon in mine. Red car, red neon, yes! :D

I'm just not sure where the best place would be to mount them. I don't want the bulbs to be seen, just the light.
I should be getting some deep red neon lights in the mail any day now and i was thinking of mounting them under the dash above where your feet are but, I wouldn't want some one to accidently kick the light and break it and and i don't think it would look to good that way so i thinking about putting under the front passenger seats. That way i would be very hard to kick and break them.
I got a 15" tube (right now) attached to the right side of the shifter column. I put it under the seat, but they didn't produce nearly the effect I wanted, so I put them in the open, but in a good-looking spot. I'll try and get pics of it tomorrow after work and reply back here.

In the meantime, while state laws are different everywhere, word if caution is to check them out before you drive down the street with your neons on. In Wisconsin, it's illegal to even have the car in motion and the lights (even inside) on.
Ok I just got back from a long day so I'll answer some questions. First of all I drilled small holes in the seat mounts where the bolts attach the seats to the floor and mounted them there with some little zip ties. Work good so far. :) Anyways, I was first gonna mount them under my dast, but then you would see the tubes and I figured that would be pretty damn annoying when driving. The only place you can see mine is through the front windshield over the extreme edge fo the dash. Then I just ran the wires up under the center piece by sticking them betweent the carpet and plastic. They are I beleive 15" blue neon tubes, but I can't remember exactly. mine have a couple of cracks in em from people and myself kicking them, but the outside plastic tube is pretty damn tough so they haven't broke yet and its been a year or so. The cracks are in the outer clear plastic. As far as how legal they are I never really checked in Indiana, and I'm pretty sure they aren't, but its not really noticable where I have them mounted. The few times I've gotten pulled over for stupid crap I just flipped the switch off before the cop got to the car. :D If you got any more questions just as.
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Where did you get those neons from? partnumbers and prices and stuff. :) I'd love to do it as well. Also where did you mount the switch? I put the one for my subs in the dash where It hink the traction control switch is supposed to be
I got the tubes from one of the major autoparts stores like Advanced, Pep boys, one of em.. I can't remember. If you look at the pic you can see a little purple thing glowing on the side of the center council.. thats the switch.. I put it there because it was out of my way an easy to switch on an off. Hasen't gotten kicked off yet. From what I can remember they cost about 20 bucks a tube.
What do you guys think of having those lights under the backs of the front seats, so that it shines on the floor of the back of the car. Think it would look any good????
YOu would obviously have to make sure they weren't kicked!
actually to my surprise you do get some glow on the back floor from my tubes mounted on under the fronts. It itsn't really bright, but it is something.. I've got my little beam lights across the roofliner for the party in the back seat :) ;)
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