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I use to have a couple wide-angle blue LED's mounted on my steering column facing the dash. I was surprised on how much it really looked like the electroluminescent custom guage clusters that AREN'T made for the intrepid. I took that out and this past week I have been replacing all of the incondescent/green LED bulbs for the guage cluster, heater/ac controls, door window and lock controls, and headlight/dash dimmer control with blue LED's. Let me tell you, it looks awesome. The LED's I got are very bright but quite expensive. each was $2.50 and I got a total of 26 I think. Anyways, I love blue and I am so stoked that this worked out the way it did. Next I am going to get some surface mount LED's to replace the green ones in my stereo (aftermarket, not stock... althought stock would probably be easier to change over to blue), and in the mirror control module on the driver's door. After that, there won't be one single green light left except for the in-dash indicator lights such as "cruise". I even changed the green turn signal lights in the dash to blue. I'll try to get pictures, but I don't know how well it will all show.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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