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Well again, I comes out of the Party store (No I am not a Lush!) :) the wife is with me... I needs to turn right to turn left to get to my light.... I was turning left and this butt wipe was at least 3 inches from my ass... So we get to the light and it turns green, so I floor my corde and he floors his <cough> truck, wife then decides to slap my chest saying "What you doin, leave it alone" In pain from wife wound I easly passed this kid obvoiusly.. I got the finger with the typical flyby also, 6 car lengths at around 70, with one hand on the wheel and the other on my chest trying to sooth the wife slap.

Todays Lesson : Dont race with wife in car.. :)
espcially Cavlier looser ones..

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