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ok hear is the 1000$ question
im going on a trip Mesa AZ to Newmexico 8 hrs or so driveing time :(

i got a 99ES 3.2L about 1000+ miles ago
the dealer stated that thay did all kinds of pre sale mantance on it
a cupple of things i have noted and done
oil is changed, its a nice honey color not a "ive had the power shits for 2 days look , so that shows ,me thay changed the oil

the ATF-4 looks good and red not dark red or broun

the break pads are brand new thay still have the beveled look to them \____/ and the disks are smooth as glass and have no groves so who ever had it before made sure the breaks=ok

the things im worried about are

64+k miles on it not sure if the tranny has ben flushed (shifts great) and should i do it before the trip ?

the coollent looks odd it is a redish broun color (im use to green)
should i change it ? if i do what do i use ?

i love the car so i want to make sure i can do every thing within my own power and driveway and makesure its up to the trip

is their any thing else i can do

the cars i had befor this i could have cared less about except the 73 dodge dart swinger with a slant 6
so im not real up on prepairing for a trip


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id like to know some pre-long trip tips as well.... im heading on a long drive this friday and my car has about 220,000km on it.
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