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Going to live up North, What should I know?

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The 2004 is, in about 2 weeks time, going to live a few hundred mile north of the Mason Dixon line. What do I need to do in order to be prepared? (I don't think this car has ever even been out of the state before!)

Water pump, radiator, fans, belts, hoses and coolant have all been changed. Transmission has recently been rebuilt. Half the struts are new, the other half will be new shortly. An oil change is needed, but It'll wait for an input of "up North" weight. New wiper blades, with new snow blades will traveling along. Ice scraper, check.

Specifically looking for
  • oil weight suggestions
  • snow tire suggestions (chains are already there)
  • anti-rust prevention?
  • anything else I just haven't considered...

Thanks !
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Change your O-ring to prevent oil leaks.
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