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Sorry about the length of this message, but it is worth the read.

Last weekend my wife decides she wants a new car, so we are off to see SUVs. What is it with women, they want to be up high and have a big vehicle, but they can't drive them right. Well we start with the Toyota Sequoia Limited, very nice but 43K, then we go see GMC Yukon Denali, really nice but now we are up to 50K. She points out it is 0% finacing, I said, "O.K. Math Professor, let's look at this. 50K plus tax and license divided by 36 months equals a payment of $1500 a month. Well that woke her up. She decided she could live with a new Nissan Pathfinder like her sister. O.K. so we head toward the Nissan dealer, but I stopped at the Infinity dealer first, figuring the QX4 is just a real nice Pathfinder. Did you guys know they want 41K for these things. She says if we are going to pay that much, she will get the Sequoia, We are about to leave when I see a really nice black QX4 on the used side of the dealership, I asked what is up with that one? The salesman use that old line, that is the best deal I have on the lot. This time he wasn't lying, he went on to explain that this QX4 is a 1999 and has been their dealership show car for the last two years and has over 15K of extra stuff added on, and it only has 8500 miles. Well we looked and she liked, it has:
- Engine and suspension tuned by Stillen
- JVC DVD/VCR/TV Tuner system with 6" LCD Screen
- Satellite Navigation System
- Custom Chrome Wheels
Got all of this for $27,800

Well on Tuesday, I had to take the car to the dealer for couple of little things. They gave me a new Silver I35 as loner :eek:, man oh man, nice car. Not big enough inside for long term, but I highly recommend a test drive. I thought the auto stick in an Intrepid was fun, this car was like a rocket and smooth as glass. The shifter is one of those notched style, and worked real well, down shift and punch it and whoosh 95mph before I knew it. Car handled real well for stock suspension set up.

So if you have a little time to kill, stop by your local Infinity Dealer and take a test drive. I am not giving up my Intrepid any time soon, but it was fun. :) :)


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