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i should be asleep right now, but i've been doing so much studying 4 midterms (godammit) i may as well share this story...driving the other night, i encountered a black acura integra...he was following me, and when we got to the light, he asked me why my intrepid very un-intrepid like. i enlightened him, gave me a nod. i glanced over at his car, and let me tell you, if i ever owned an integra it would be this one. everything was done right, very very tasteful, nothing too flashy.
he asked me how it ran, i said a little better than before...(he also commented that intrepids are pretty fast in comparo to other sedans...that he'd watch out for em, that is, if he weren't driving his integra...) light turns, i had a good launch, he was better. pulling away from me immediately and pretty quickly. wasnt out of sight, but was far enough ahead that i couldnt possibly try to catch up...yeah, it was quick.
well sorta wasnt suprised...i followed him into a citgo station cause i wanted to take a look at his car a little more...very nicely done, it was a true type-r integra, flawless black paint (i think he said it was a '98), lowered, black alloy rims, deep blue underglow (and all inside the car too), low profile yokohamas, aftermarket exhaust that actually sounded nice :eek: ,...type-R painted small on the lower rear behind the door, tinted looked like it had a body kit, the fenders were really low! but it was totally flush with the rest of the body!! smooth, instead of bolted-on with visible crease. i was impressed with his ride and i let him know too...we talked about cars for a bit (talked some trash about ricers!),. he also owned an '00 accord 2 door, vtec v-6...and also, he said it couldnt touch the intrepid! gave me a little compliment there too, likes the idea of a sleeper machine...said intrepid fits that mold pretty well. well, goddamit, i discovered the ONE sport-compact that (seen on the road, not @ a race or show)...that i would actually start lusting after. ;)

goooood-niight!!! sleepy time for meeeee.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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