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Grand Prix GT.......KILLED

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Today on my way home from work, I was in the middle lane of a 3 lane highway stuck behind this slow moving (50 in a 65) Grand Prix. This went on for about 3 miles then I finally caught a break and passed to the right of him. When I passed him, I looked over at him to try to figure out what his problem was and he decided to just flip me the bird!

Now, fully infuriated, I snugged my Dodge Motorsports hat, and decided this moron was going to pay. After I got past him, I got in front of him and slowed way down. I hate it when people do that, but I was pissed. I went for a mile or two and then got back over in the right hand lane. He then proceeded to pull up next to me screaming "get that MOPAR piece of **** outta my way!" I yelled back at him, "prove you have the better car and I'll leave you alone." He said fine, and I heard his car start to accellerate. We were nose to nose for about half a mile. He didn't act like he wanted to go over 65. Finally, he jumped into the fast lane and started speeding up.

This is the best part. When he jumped into the fast lane, he cut off a brand new silver R/T. He got yelled at again and got back into the middle lane and MOPAR laid waste to his pontaic p.o.s.

The R/T driver got off at the same exit I did and we were side by side at the traffic light. I gave him the web address so hopefully we'll have a new member out of this whole ordeal.
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Good kill bro. I bet he felt like a total ass after getting **** on. I killed a Grand AM GT myself and I was surprised at how inferior those cars are, I was sure the grand am gt would mop the floor with me, but he didn't.

How old was this asshole? like 20? :mad:
some people are just out to piss other people off. those Grand Prix's are kinda weak. My 3.3 can almost keep up with my friends '98 GT...good kill :D
To be honest, I doubt the guy was any older than 20. Seat all leaned back, reaching for the steering wheel, hat on backwards. Driving like an asshole. I usually don't go out of my way to blow people off of the road, but it sure feels good when you do it to someone that deserves it.
Originally posted by SouLBurN:
To be honest, I doubt the guy was any older than 20. Seat all leaned back, reaching for the steering wheel, hat on backwards. Driving like an asshole.

;) :p 18 and i dont even drive like that :D
Hey!! My seat is leaned way back (cuz I'm a lazy ass and it's very comfortable)
i'm 20 and i drive with the seat all the way to the back and leaned back a fair amount. i have a crummy back and that's the only way the seats give me lumbar support on road trips. it also helps to keep me from mashing the gas more often. :) the car fits me like a glove, my roommate and my best friend both have driven it and said i'm crazy, but it feels right to me. never thought such a large auto could be so cozy :)
My past cars
1988 LX Mustang
1992 LeBaron Convertible
1988 Pontiac Fiero

Now that i own my trep i would never go back to a small car. I love having all the room...not to mention if i get into an accident i wont die in a small tin can of a car :)
if you're in college and you haul all your BS from ND to TX every year and then back you need space. this car his plenty of it. plus it gets 500 miles to a tank when you're on the road doin 70. i love my intrepid.
Speaking of Grand AM GTs....

A while back ago a GA GT wanted to race at a stop light. I said what the hell and smoked him. This past weekend I was driving good 'ole I-75. I noticed up ahead of me a GA GT was driving like a maniac. Anyway, he gets into the passing lane and passes one vehicle, but slows down. As I'm getting behind him I flash my lights on and off to tell him to get over. He doesn't so I get in the slow lane to pass him. As soon as I go to pass him, he hits the gas to stay beside me. Asshole! Well, there was a slow truck up ahead so I started to speed up, he also speeds up. So I just gunned it! Smoked his ass! :) I was up to about 100mph, but I didn't want to get caught speeding, so when I got next to the truck I was going to pass, I hit the brakes. :) I passed the truck and got over into the slow lane and the GA GT just speed on by. What an asshole. Oh, and there were two young guys in the car. :D
I fit that exact steriotype when i go crusin with my friends
seat layed back black lights all around hat backwards(dont drive insanly crazy)
i do go at least 5 mph over the speed limit mabe less if a cops around on the radar detector
dang 500 miles to a gallon thats good
Doode, I agree with the car being a good fit. Its so comfortable, yet hella fun to drive. Its not so big its a boat, but it isnt a tin can. I seem not to notice when Im driving on the freeway, if i go 60, or 80, or 90... It is pretty much the same. This is one car that I can say I feel 100% comfortable going 80 or 90 in, I was realizing that cruising down the hiway yesterday afternoon.
Yeah, Pontiac And General Motors Sucks!! It's all about Mopar baby!! Freakin GM!!! These's GM bastards always drive hella stupid and it shows how dumb they are for buying GM! The new Camaro's are like speed restricted at like 95MPH, how fruity? I have beaten most Corvettes and most don't even wanna race me. I always get these damn Yukons and Suburbans always trying to run me off the road. I just slow down until they look like they are going to rear end me then I drop it down to second or first if going slow enough and after a few seconds I check my rearview mirror to see how far back I left them. It's always hella funny. I remember this old grandma was driving like 100MPH trying to race me in her Pontiac GrandAM, I hit 120MPH until the speed restrictor kicked in and I left that crap in the dust w/my 1999 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.2L.

Later Guys!
MoparPerformance :cool:

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