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This is the problem I am having. And it is very frustrating.

My battery will not stay charged in my car. I just bought a brand new one. And the alternator is brand new as well. I hooked up the battery to a charger and it came back full, and then hooked the charger up to the car, and set it to test alternator. It came back that the alternator was not at operating level. Is it possible that I have a ground problem? I have checked all fuses, and switched relay fuses and still the same problem.

Any ideas on this? I have no idea where to check for the ground, i trace the wire and can't get underneath right now to see where it goes. Was gonna bring it to a shop but wanted to see if anyone can save me a few bucks first.

It is a 1995 3.3 Trep everything works when it is fully charged, nothing acting wierd or anything like that. But when it does start to die, the hvac fan shuts down, the radio wont work, and the interior lights come on?

Hope i am being descriptive enough for someone to help. Really any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can!!!:banghead:

Oh and the gauge lights wont light unless i turn the headlights on? Shouldnt they come on with the running lights?
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