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Gurnee, IL Meet *Pics*!!

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Thanks to all those who made it today for the meet. The weather wasn't the greatest, but we had about 12 people show up (StratusCaster being 13th at the end).

I tried to get everyone's car on a picture somewhere. If I missed yours, I apologize :(. But still, props to everyone who braved the rain and made it.

The other pics are just random shots from Saturday night.
Also, special thanks to TitanofChaos for setting this up. Way to go, bro!


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I looked at your intake Charger, where did you get that thing? Very nice looking :)
it was surprised you have pics up already.........gee must be a digital camera...and i saw the pic of me by my Strat and boy am i ugly
Damn, I forgot! ...and I had nothing to do today. Oh well..maybe next time...
That's ok, Randy. The weather rammed (no pun intended) in the end about 2:30pm. We convoyed back to Gurnee Mills, but I had a 3-hour trip back to Madison so I dropped off on the I-94 ramp.

Sad part is I had some more pics, but I was running low on space at the meet so I deleted a few for the other cars I was expecting to see, but they never did so I shoulda had more pictures.

jhrody: yep, digital camera :)
Yeah, I finally made it.

I gotta hand it to you guys; sticking out there thru the monsoon - now that's dedication.

Wound up late getting back to get the wife and kids (took 10 minutes just to get OUT of Gurnee Mills!), but at least I had a good hour or so with the group.

Perhaps we need to scout INDOOR locations for meets... ;)
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