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I just wanted to say hello, I am new to this forum, but not new to the Intrepid, I have owned 2 of them a 93 ES 3.3 and a 97 ES 3.5, if you haven't figured out I really like the 1st gen cars a lot. I have had my 97 for about 3 years now, it is a bit rough around the edges but I still like it a lot.

Since I have bought it I have changed the cloth to leather made the passenger seat power, was originally a manual seat, changed the radio to an aftermarket kenwood, but works in perfect harmony with the Infinity amp and speakers, replaced rear Infinity 6x9's with that from a 2nd gen LHS originals started buzzing and sounded bad after 17+ years.

I haven't had it easy with this car upon purchase, my 1st disaster was the hood flew open on the highway tore the hood shocks broke the windshield, bent up the hood, blew apart the overhead storage compartments and auto dim mirror, happened 2 days after I got the car hood never latched properly, luckily I was able to get what I needed to fix everything from the salvage yard within two days and get the car somewhat decent again, found an antifreeze leak coming from the back of the motor, turned out to be a freeze plug, after taking care of that job, 2 weeks latter car developed the worse misfire I ever felt upon acceleration, decided upon a friends suggestion to redo all the gaskets tore off the heads, got them checked, all new gaskets and seals from the heads up, new plugs, coil pack, ignition wires, timing belt, water pump, etc. No expense spared, you got to love a car to be willing to put in that much work. a few weeks latter the coolant expansion tank cracked and started spewing coolant under pressure, replaced that, and 1 year after the radiator cracked and started leaking, so in 3 years time I have put in some well earned money to keep it on the road. In the car's defense it was neglected by it's previous owner and was in need of much maintenance.

Many have asked is it worth it, to me yes, the 3.5 still pulls real strong for it's age and mileage and runs like a clock. It is fed a diet of 89 octane per owners manual suggestion, I have experimented with 87 and 93 but 89 seems to be a good compromise for the engine and my wallet.

I have had many good times with the car since I have had it, and besides my good friend no one else knows the true value of the car.

I was actually in the market for an LHS when I stumbled upon my 97 Intrepid, being a nicely equipped ES really got my attention, and after test driving 2 1st gen LHS cars that all had issues, the 97 seemed perfect all the way around aside from some body damage and some small rust at the time it was perfect, and the price was right.

I have also had experience with the 1st gen Concorde's as my girlfriend owned a 94 when I meant her, after it got totaled in an accident we bought a 97 LX model to replace it. These cars are built rock solid as she was hit by a semi and 2 other cars before the car went head on into the concrete median on the highway, was the semis fault he crossed into the lane and hit the car from behind causing it to spin, she walked away from that without a scratch, the car looked real bad but still ran and drove but the rear sub frame was tweaked pretty bad from the semi hitting it.

The 3.5 seems to tolerate a lot of abuse and even some neglect as well, it has really surprised me with how well it can put up with the toughest driving demands, It has literally taken about as much abuse as I have dished out with my V8 powered cars and still runs great and shows little to no signs of aging or wear. People underestimate the transmissions on these cars too, they really are strong, other than line leaks and sometimes a bad solenoid pack or speed sensors they seems to last as long as the engine itself.

I know it's long but that's my story and thank you for reading it, I look forward to contributing and learning from your forum.
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