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I'm getting an alarm with remote starter into the trep.
I have a professinal alarm installer working into it, but he (in my opinion) seems to be unable to find the correct wire to get a Tach reading ( the wire he says must be the correct one, gets a steady 12V one the engine is running). This wire, comes from the coil pack.
I will greatly appreciate your help to confirm or deny the following statemnts, that represent the conclusions I have from researching in this site and other similar sites.

1.- This is not the correct wire, the tach wire should have diferente voltage, depending on the current engie RPM.

2.- Accordingly to a wire diagram I found elsewhere, the tack wire can be taken from the black / white wire at the PCM. ( is only 1 wire colored like that in the PCM?)

I was able to help him configure the system not to monitor the engine, but it cranks for more time than requried, and the best solution should be to enable RPM monitoring.

Thanks for your help again, if you can provide more detailed instructions on this "tach wire" and what signals it should be providing, it would be really helpful.

Thanks again.
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