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I was rooting around in my trunk today, straightening things, moving wires etc. I some how managed to cross the wires on my right 6x9. Now, everything except that 6x9 sounds normal. It is quieter than the rest, almost as if it isn't amped.

What happened and how do I fix it? I checked all the fuses in the fuse panel and they are fine. Are there any more I should check?

BTW....I have the premium Infinity 7 speaker sound system that was offered on the 1st generation LH cars.


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thats sad that you are having trouble with your sound system.

I really feel for ya


what i would do, seeing as I have no test equipment is take a working speaker and hook it up to the suspected leads

if the speaker works then you blew the speaker

if the speaker dont work then you blew the amp

sure seems like you blow alot
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