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He's alive! He's alive!

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Gentlemen, I'm still around.

I'm jobless, looking for a new one, and starting to run low on cash.

I might be selling my stereo system to get the cash I need, if a job lineup doesn't go through by the end of next week.

My car's fine. It's got 62,000 on the odo.

I see our fearless leader had to be a copycat of me, with his '99 Deep Slate (ext)/Black (int) ES with sunroof and Infinity system. :p

Anyway, just dropping by to say 'hi'.

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He DJ, be careful, if you do the mods you want (tint, sub, overhead) your car will end up looking just like my ES!! I am trying hard enough to run with you R/T guys!!!
I did medium (35%) all the way around, it's not exactly leagal..but it looks good...highly recommend the tints, makes the Silver color really look good
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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