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Someone around here (BlkBute?) was asking about the Infinity Basslink, and I was curious too. I see from your sig that you have one, so... where is it/how does it sound/how hard was it to install/etc/etc.


pleez. ;)

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I really like the unit. The Infinity Basslink provides great super low end bass to my system, but does not have a "boomy" sound to it. The unit does not have a huge punch to it, if you are trying to impress someone outside the car, the Infinity Basslink will not rock their world. Installation was very easy, but as I mentioned in a couple other posts, I did my entire sound system at once, so I had plenty of elbow room in mounting the unit and running wiring since I had a lot of the moldings and back seat out of my car already. I ended up mounting the Infinity Basslink horizontally in the upper left corner of my trunk. It takes up about 1/3 of the width of that area. I am considering re-orienting it so the speaker or the radiator is directly facing the back seat, maybe even remove the trunk liner on the back seat so more sound will get into the cabin.

Anyway, to make a long post even longer, O like the unit, installation was a breeze, and it sounds GREAT! There is some fine tuning you have to do to the unit which is kind of a pain. Since the configuration knobs are on the Infinity Basslink, you have to sit in the cabin to determine how it sounds, and then run around to the trunk if you want to make a change in the crossover level, or volume, or whatever. That is kind of a pain. Once you get it set up, it sounds really nice.
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