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Greeting Otto,

I'm shopping around for "new" 2001 R/Ts and have located 2. 1 doesn't have the Infinity System, which is a must for me.

From looking at the brochure, I understand this is like a $900 option. So I asked the dealer if they could throw it in, assumed it would be no big deal.

They came back and said no, that this is a factory option, and it would cost way more in parts in labor to install after the fact, than it was worth. I'm assuming this means new steering wheel, and lots of cabling, etc...

IS this true? Also hearing trip computers aren't an option on 2001s...

Wish I could afford an 02 to keep you busier up there, however lets look at it as I'm making room on the lot for you to ship them an 02. Besides I kinda like the 01 better.

Thanks for the info...

R/T Lust
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