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did you just ask if it bounces how dare you ask me that question. :D J/K yes it does like a crazy hoe thats getting laid. I would recomend dropping it and also wouldnt. here are the pros and cons.

You will be able to take fast as sharp turns.
The car will look tighter.
And it will give you that dropped sporty feeling.

alittle shaking when accelrating from 0-20mph.
car will drop to low have to be careful on speedbumps.
and sometimes too bumpy sometimes not.

Rember i have the intrax springs which give it a 1.8 but if you get it then get the camber kit they sell for the intrepid because you have to get it. I didnt get it because im not keeping the car for long :( :( . But if you are just get them trust me hope this helps man :D :D :D :D or should i say Baldy hehehe ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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