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High Idle & Jumpy Gas Gauge

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Hi all,
Just last week I replaced my EGR Valve (had DTC32). After I put the new one in I have been experiencing abnormally high idle. When I start the car in the morning it races to 1500 RPM. Once it's warmed up it is at around 1000 RPM. Could this be a leak in the EGR Tube? I will be checking that out tonight after work. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

On another note, this morning on my ride into work I noticed that my gas light was lighting up. Looked at the gas gauge and it was reading 3/4 tank which is right. Then after watching it for awhile it would dip and the gas light would light up then it would return to normal, dip again, and so on. It did it at lunch too. What could this be? It was fine yesterday. The only difference between today and yesterday is that it is raining today. Could there be a loose connection or is my fuel sending unit starting to die. The car is still running great though. I just had the fuel pump replaced and they took out the relay to bleed the pressure from the system. Could it be that relay? I would think that the car would suffer some performance issues if it was the relay cutting out...

Anyway, Thanks in Advance,

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Sorry to say it, but there will never be a recall on the fuel level sending unit in our cars. No matter how many of them fail! This is because it is not a safety issue. The car will not blow up in a ball of flames if the gauge does not work. The sensor is ~60-70 bucks for a new one. Nothing aftermarket yet, but if there is enough demand there maybe in the future. The only kicker is that you have to take out the fuel pump to get the sending unit out...

Has anyone had a fuel pump failure with these 1st Gen's yet? I am just wondering if it would be worth your/my time to replace the ([email protected]#*) $200+ fuel pump while I am in there. Or should I just leave everything alone and fill up when my trip meter gets to around 400 miles???
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