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Hitch Kits...

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Anyone know of any resellers? Is this a call around scrap yards hope and see?
My old 96 had the kit but couldn't get it off before having to have it written off/towed away in an accident with a deer.
My "new" 97 no hitch kit, but I know they play nice with Gen 1. I can find Gen 2 kits but from the looks of it I doubt it'd be compatible.

Any ideas? Would love to be towing 2000lbs again on the cheap o beater car.

Any ways to get better mpg while Im at it? Things that are overlooked with intrepids, not driving habits/deflated tires/dirty injectors/air filters.
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The intrepids are pretty good on fuel as is, for a full size car. Reduce weight, and keep you foot out of it.

I'll keep my eyes open for a hitch for you, too... But I wouldn't hold my breath.

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121013 from Curt manufacturing.

NAPA online reports they have it. $255 or so.

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Google around... Summit lists them, Tweety's in Texas lists them. shows they have them in stock... Maybe.

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