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home-made intake for 3.5

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NOTE, if you are not planning to install a scoop, this is not for you.

Hey, here are the specifics on my "lowes" intake.
First thing I did is remove the manifold cover (that thing that says 3.5l24v)
Then, with a piece of expandable ducting tube, we redirected the intake to the middle of the engine (not through the box, we're taking that out) One problem was that the tube isn't rigid (it would move out of place) so we used the newly available manifold cover bolt holes to secure it with metal straps (the same kind you see on various parts of the intake system now.)

that's where I am now.
We're in the process of looking for a "low profile filter" (one that won't unnecessarily reduce incoming air velocity)
If anyone has any ideas (like a lawn moxer engine filter or something) I would appreciate it.
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Ok 3 questions.
You removed the manifold cover, does it have a purpose besides just covering the top of the manifold. I haven't looked under my hood lately (to damn cold) so maybe it is just there for looks I don't know?

The more important question is can an intrepid handle that kind of air. I've been wondering this for months. All I know is that I've heard the most pressure the sensors can measure is 1 atmosphere (I think thats what it was anyway, I'll have to check again) Anyway I assume you know this, so does your scoop not exceed the maximum air pressure entering the engine or have you found a way to modify it so that it can handle the extra air and adjust the fuel mixture accordingly.

My last question is how does the scoop work with rain and if you get it wherever you are snow. I've been worried about to much getting in and destroying the filter and reaching the engine(not a good thing)
hey next level...i was toying with that idea, but scrapped it entirely (plan on selling the car by summer)...anyways, just an idea...raise the back of the hood to free up some room...remove the 4 bolts for the hood hinge, head over to a hardware store and pick up longer length bolts...pop the hood, remove the rear 2 bolts (left and right...) then put the new ones in (to keep the hood from falling forward and killing you) remove the other two, then place wood/or hard rubber bushings under the hinge rail...prob could raise the rear of the hood up to 4"...just an idea...just be careful not to bend the bottom of the hood brackets or the hood 'll never sit straight if you want to put it back...
good luck with that scoop though...maybe if you face the opening of the scoop backwards water wont be a problem...lemmie see pics!!!
I thought of a way to stop the water, but I am unable to describe it without a drawing, so I will try to scan one.

I will compile a list of exactly what the manifold cover is protecting when I have more time. But I will tell you now that I have been driving my car with the cover off for a few days now (I haven't connected the intake yet, so there's just a rush of cold air coming into my engine comparpment through the screen.) The only difference I have seen is that the engine temprature gauge climbs quicker than is used to (Outside tewmprature is not a factor because it hasn't changed.
But there astually is hot air comming out the vents, it's not a mis-read.

I'll write more on this later.

Thanks to Valhalla for the ideas.
a few people here run with the manifold cover off. it doesn't really protect anything, it's just there for looks.
no prob man...i was thinking of running cone filters directly harnessed to the TB's (just like someone did on a Yahoo club...found a link on this site a while back)...then raising the back of the hood, and installing a small "scoop" on the back lip of the hood to direct air into hte compartment, to see how it will run with that setup...probably wont do anything at all, but its always fun to experiment...never know till you try car never had that middle plastic thing, ive had it since 7k demo...

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My website has been updated with a drawing of the "water protection system" click the link at the bottom of it
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