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Ok 3 questions.
You removed the manifold cover, does it have a purpose besides just covering the top of the manifold. I haven't looked under my hood lately (to damn cold) so maybe it is just there for looks I don't know?

The more important question is can an intrepid handle that kind of air. I've been wondering this for months. All I know is that I've heard the most pressure the sensors can measure is 1 atmosphere (I think thats what it was anyway, I'll have to check again) Anyway I assume you know this, so does your scoop not exceed the maximum air pressure entering the engine or have you found a way to modify it so that it can handle the extra air and adjust the fuel mixture accordingly.

My last question is how does the scoop work with rain and if you get it wherever you are snow. I've been worried about to much getting in and destroying the filter and reaching the engine(not a good thing)
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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