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We knew it was coming and now we’ve got details. According to the latest reports out of Japan, the Honda NSX will live on, but mere mortals will never get a shot behind the wheel.

As previously reported, Honda has been actively petitioning the Japanese Automobile Federation (JAF) — the organizing entity behind Japan’s Super GT series — to run a new front-engine racer in the touring car championship. A cursory reading of the rule book states that vehicles campaigning in SuperGT must be production vehicles (think GT-R, MR2, SC430). However, Honda’s found a loop-hole.

Just as Toyota has done in recent years with the Supra (it’s out of production), the Super GT rules specify that a vehicle’s specs and design must be submitted to JAF to be approved. That means that a vehicle can be “production ready,” if not actually in production. So for the 2010 SuperGT season, Honda will bring out an all-new race car based on the NSX prototype (seen above), reportedly packing a 3.4-liter V8.

So… Lawyers: 1. NSX’s lovers: 0. But at least we get to see it race…

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