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Brother had a court-ordered alcohol monitor (Blow & Go's) put on his 1994 Ford E150 Limited Edition conversion van, well he did his time, and had it officially removed couple weeks ago. Right from the start before leaving the garage, he noticed one of the doors was "dead" (no locks, window action), was working when he drove there, well they admitted & fixed the problem, brother drives home, parks van, next day comes out and now it won't turn over, just "clicks" according to him, I asked if he made sure battery was up and he said he tried a couple battery's and even trickle charged the one in the van, with the same results. I'm guessing there's a crap splice job somewhere??? If it was me, I would tow it back to that garage and make them fix it along w/ the tow bill, but wants me to look @ it. :angrymob:

He is 70 miles away and I'm trying to gather as much info as I can before the trek. I have no idea how these things are wired into the vehicle, but know about car wiring because I installed after-market anything in cars for years, any insight is much appreciated ;)
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