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How did you find DI.Net?

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I think I asked this on the old site, but we have a lot of new members since then, so I thought it would be a good idea to see where everyone is coming from :)
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just curious and typed in the addy :)
I found it through the Yahoo/Google search engine.
Oh, and to add, i found it the first time at the end of June i just didnt have the car yet and i didnt signup, so i finally did so in September. :)
heh, i found it when i first picked up the car through i was looking for some info on preventative maintenance on the 3.5. :)
I first found the old site while searching for springs and suspension. I book-marked it, and then ran across the new site, and I signed up shortly there-after.
The link was passed on to my by a Stratusphere member (who was actually the brother of Hosler95 here). That was back when the old site was running. I'm extremely happy to be a part of this site, as we definately have the best, if not the only, Dodge Intrepid club site out there.

And now that we got some car meets under our belts, it'll just keep gettin better and hopefully more involved.
....and i know by "more involved" you mean a meet near me!
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I was searching on Yahoo (Google) for a way to access information from and control via a PC some of the on-board systems in the Intrepid such as the heating and AC units. This was one of the sites that came up and with it's name ( I had to give it a click.

I've been lurking in the background and trying to contribute via the Computers/Networking forum as I am no mechanic. I can whip out a WAN/MAN with over 20,000 nodes on it in no time flat however. :D

In case you were curious, I'm still searching for a way to control the on-board systems (non-essential systems). :rolleyes:

The only search engine..
Hell...I can't even remember it was so long ago. I think I just typed in the address?? :confused:
If I remember correctly I came across the site at the Yahoo club for Dodge Intrepids somebody (I can't remember who) had the link on thier home page and I clicked on it to see what it was about.
I surfed in from a Yahoo dodgeintrepid Club... I think there was an affiliates like to it.... And I've been here ever since........ ;) ;)
I found it via also :) Great website Randy. I can't wait to see how great this thing gets 6months to a year from now. :cool:
Google my ass! found it for me. :D
I did a search for Dodge intrepid sites, and came across the old site, and the rest is history...
I found this site through a 300M discussion board. I don't remember which one at this point, but I was looking for more info on my R/T's engine and started looking on 300M discussion boards since the 300M has the same engine. I remember one of the members of the 300M site referenced the air intake that Great White was (at that time) developing. Once I found this site, I never went back to the other discussion boards again. I find myself logging in 4 or 5 times a day to see if there is anything new.
I think found it on a search engine (google)

I am also on some of the yahoo sites and I may have even come across the link there.
Someone on allpar mentioned it.
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