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The 98-02 throttle bodies are not the same as 02-04 throttle bodies. The 98-01 bodies will not work in 02-04 vehicles, same goes with 02-04 bodies in 98-01 vehicles.

For those of you who have gotten a bored-out throttle body but cannot find someone who can install it for you, it's really quite easy, it just takes a little time.

All you really need is a flathead screwdriver, Torx sockets, and a set of sockets ranging from1/2" to 7/8". I do not recall the sizes of sockets I used, but they were within that range.

Make sure the new throttle body is clean of dirt/debris/especially metal. If it has some crap on it, spray it down with brake cleaner and wipe it with a shop rag (let sensor and throttle body sit about 10 minutes to dry before installing.) If you have a 02-04 3.2/3.5 throttle body, remove the sensor held in by one Torx screw and clean the sensor (except for plug) really good. I will update this thread on the 2.7 throttle body swap (specifically the plenum removal and boring) and am sure the pre-02 3.2/3.5 throttle bodies do not need sensor cleaning.

There can be a lot of **** on this sensor.

You can remove this next sensor when cleaning the throttle body, but the sensor itself does not require cleaning.

Yes, the pictures were taken after I cleaned the throttle body.

It's a good idea to do this when the engine is cool because you will hug the engine a lot.
Disconnect the negative ground at the jump post and make sure the terminal does not touch any metal in the car. Also remove the air intake.

Wiper blades, use a flathead screwdriver (or fingernails) to remove the cap at the end of the wiper arms, remove the bolts holding the arms on.

Next, remove the wiper cowls using a Torx socket/screwdriver (I believe there are 8 bolts.)

Once the cowls are out of the car, remove the bracket in front of the cowl, there are 9 bolts total holding this down.

The 3.2/3.5 throttle body has 3 Torx screws and a single hex bolt holding this on, there is a bracket connected to the transmission also holds the throttle body in place.
Loosen the bracket on the transmission (or you can remove it for this project) then remove the 3 Torx bolts and regular hex bolts holding the throttle body to the plenum/heads. The third Torx and hex bolt are under the butterfly area.

When you pull the throttle body off, there are 2 throttle cables still connected to it. Take the flathead and pop off one ends of the small shaft connecting the springs to the cable lever. This will help so much in removal/installation.

Once you have the throttle body completely disconnected, check the gasket that was between the body and the plenum. Changing it is not mandatory, but must be closely inspected.

Before installing the new throttle body, hold it up to a light source and make sure there is a complete ring of light to make sure the butterfly is not touching the body wall.

Install the throttle body, reverse the steps mentioned before, enjoy the butt dyno results. The best results are felt when using a K&N cold-air kit or a JoeKD cold-air kit, and an aftermarket exhaust system.

The gasket part numbers are as follows...
98-04 2.7 : FP61107
98-04 3.2/3.5 : FP61068
Dodge Intrepid Body Parts - Replacement - 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996

If I missed anything regarding the 3.2/3.5 swap, feel free to chime in.

And for the 2.7 owners...
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