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Here's a more detailed how-to for using your existing harness to convert your MTC to ATC.

ATTENTION: splicing compromises your cars electrical system, make sure you make proper, secure connections to avoid possibility of fire. ATTEMPT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Before we begin I would like to thank the original creator of the walkthrough I used You will notice it's almost exact with the exception that I've given more detail and changed some of the locations for the connections.

Also a HUGE thank you to everyone on specifically PEVA, PAINTBALLDUE05, CDMCCUL and any one else who contributed to the thread

Thread located at :

Tools Needed:
1. Socket Set (metric and standard)
2. Phillips Screw Drivers
3. Torx Drivers
4. Wire Crimpers
5. Needle Nose Pliers
6. Small Flat-head Screw Driver
7. Allen Wrench Set

Parts Needed: NOTES
1. ATC Power Module Located HVAC Passenger Side
2. ATC Controls
3. ATC Power Module Wire Harness (Larger of 2 black connectors). If you can, take the whole bottom harness, (white connector under dash driver side of center console by gas peddle to the last white plug up behind glove box beside passenger door)

4. ATC Control Wire Harness (Connection from Unit itself). You can just cut this from donor car.
5. Dash Sun-Sensor
6. Grey & Black Connectors from BCM. Just behind fuse block inside car. LEFT SIDE OF BREAK PEDAL, First 2 connectors. You will need to pull pins from these if your car doesn't have wiring installed.
7. 12-Gauge Wire
8. 12-Gauge Butt-Connectors
9. 12-Gauge Ring-Connectors
10. 22-Gauge Wire
11. Zip Ties

A. Disconnect Battery negative 1. Using 3/8 Socket, remove ground.

B. Front Seat Removal OMITED Not Nessary. There is enough room to move around.

C. Drivers Side Disassembly
1. Remove the Fuse Panel cover. Pic title: c1
2. Unscrew the four (Phillips) screws on that side. 2 on Vent trim Piece, and 2 on Knee Bolster. Pic title: c2
3. Then pull the bottom on the knee bolster and lift up and unscrew the screw (Phillips) under the Headlight switch switch. Pic title: c3
4. Then Unbolt metal shield (covered by bolster) under the Headlight switch switch. Pic title: c4
5. Put the Emergency brake on and turn the key to the on position and move the shifter back to about 'D', then lift the center console trim cover and move it back.
or: Use Allen Wrench Set to remove shifter knob, and remove center console trim cover. Pic title: c5
6. Pull the radio bezel/trim and unscrew the screw (Phillips) near the steering wheel Pic title: c6
7. Undo the top half of the steering column trim piece (where Hazard flasher switch is), you kind of push and tug at the same time, tilt the steering wheel down and then pull on the trim that has the vents on it, but pull gently and evenly, pull the arch above the gauges also, careful the headlight switch is connected to this and don't pull the wires out tilt up and out of your way, now disconnect the wire harness.

D. Center Console Disassembly Unscrew (screws located on either side of Radio Trim.) Sides should now pull off. OMITED most of this. I Just removed the side trim on either side.

E. Passenger Side Disassembly
1. Remove Dash-End Cover (Similar to Step B1 but no pull hand cut-out )
2. Unscrew (4 screws) glove-box at the hinge (very bottom of dash) Pic title: e2
3. Unscrew (13 or so screws) Glove box housing. Pic title: e3-1 & e3-2
4. Remove lower floor vent tube (at end near door, there is a plastic plug, pull the center down, then pull the whole plug out).
5. Remove door sill carpet trim piece, buy pulling up. Pic title: e5
6. Remove lower kick-panel by unscrewing 2 screws and pulling up and out. Pic title: e6

F. MTC Parts Removal 1. If your car has Factory amp in kick-panel, unplug and unbolt and take it out of your way. Pic title: f1
2. Unplug all wires from Blower Motor Resistor. Pic title: f2-f3
3. Unscrew (2 Screws) one on each side of blower motor resistor block. Pic title: f2-f3
4. Reach up where top amplifier bracket is, and unplug mode selector wire Pic title: f4
5. Unplug wire behind glove box assembly Pic title: f5
6. On Passenger-side ,Unplug mode selector wire, just above floor vent pipe near the center console Pic title: f6
7. On Drivers-side of vehicle, Unplug mode selector wire, just above floor vent pipe near the center console. Pic title f7
8. Disconnect MTC Blower Motor Resistor Harness (left in vehicle Just in Case) Pic title: f8
9. Unbolt MTC controls from Radio trim Bezel
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