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1st Gen LH Foglight Rewire

What you will need for this project:

* Pair of wire cutters/strippers
* Small piece of wire (~3-4 in.)
* Torx bit (T-10x4)
* Phillips-head screwdriver
* Electrical tape
* Solder/Soldering Iron (Optional)

Once this mod is done, you will be able to use your foglights at any time, regardless of what your headlights are doing and without running any extra switches/drilling any holes/running any extra wires (well, one short one...) This will modify the stock headlight switch to take out the restriction that blocks off the foglights from being on unless the headlights are on, and then gives them power to be on at any time. This is a very simple modification and should not take any more than 15-30 minutes, an hour if you are totally unfamiliar with anything at all. First, the legal jargon: if you wreck your switch, foglights, wires, car, self, or anything else while doing this I am in no way held accountable, responsible, etc. Blah, blah, blah, you know...

Step one:

Open your drivers side door and remove the panel that hides the fuse box, it comes off by pulling straight out.
Once this is off, you will see one black screw, phillips head, holding on the switch cover.
Remove it then pull the cover straight off, towards the interior of the car, pull from both sides, as it is clipped in.
Once this is off, you will see three black screws, phillips head, that hold the switch onto the dash.
Remove these also, then pull the switch out and unplug the connectors, there are two.
Your dash will now look something like this (ignore that red wire going across, it isn't involved)

Step Two:

Now that you have the switch out, take it somewhere that you can disassemble it safely (eg, not lose anything)
Using the torx bit, take out the two torx screws. One is found on the front, the other on top.
Once these are out, carefully take the top (white) plastic piece off and leave the other one (black) sitting there.
If you turn it upside down, you will drop the dimmer switch and a ball-bearing out of it. Try to avoid this as
it is a PITA to get back in properly.

CAUTION: Do not turn the headlight switch or move the box, there are ball bearings inside that can fall out.

Step Three:

With the white cover off, look at it and you will see the restriction.
That metal bar sticking up from the switch shaft hits it and is forced to turn the fogs off.
Using a wire snips or dremel or whatever suits your fancy, cut it off/out so the switch can move in and out in all 3 positions
Be careful, however, not to cut the part that is at a 90-degree angle to the edge, as this will let the switch go too far and
you will lose your ball-bearing inside.
Once this is done, put the white cover back on and screw it back down, you are done in here.
NOTE: If your dimmer is dirty/behaves poorly, now would be an excellent time to clean it.

Step Four:

Now that the switch is fixed, time to get power to it.
When looking at your wiring harness, there are two connectors.
When looking at the larger 7pin one on the left, there will be a fat red wire on the extreme right (PIN #7)
Also, the #2 pin, second from left, will be purple.
Using your wire-cutters, snip the purple wire as far into the harness as you can go.
You will be connecting a wire to this, so leave yourself room.
Strip the end that is attached to the connector and tape the end that is going into the car so it doesn't short
Using the short wire (3-4 in. piece I told you about earlier), attach the newly stripped purple end to the fat red one.
The easiest way to do this is to strip the insulation away from the red one and just splice it in, you shouldn't have to cut the red one.
The red one is constant power, the purple is foglight power.
Make sure you have no shorts and that everything is taped up nice and attached securely.

Step Five:

Plug the connectors in and test your lights, when you pull the switch out, no matter what position it is in, the fogs should come on.
Also, the fogs will stay on when your brights are on now.
If everything works as it should, screw the switch back in, put the cover back on and you're ready to go driving!
Good luck and enjoy!

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