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First Thanks To Hypnos, and Cormac's for pointing out a few things to make things easier.

Now when your done with this mod you can turn your fogs on whenever you want even without the park lamps if thats what you want to do. Enjoy

Things you will need:
Screw Driver (Phillips)
Electrical Tape or solder if you want to solder your connection
Wire Cutters/Strippers
Drill (to make your hole to mount your switch)
12V Toggle Switch

*Your doing this at your own risk!!!

Ok FIRST disconnect your battery

Take off the fuse box cover and unscrew the screw on the side

Once screw is removed it just pops off

Now there is three screws that’s holding dimmer switch in

Now you have a black connector and a grey connector If you want you can disconnect the dimmer switch and splice your wires that way or work in the tight area You can take your choice However the black connector comes off easy the grey one...all I can do is show the picture

So be careful if you unhook them both after that I just worked in the little area lucky it went back together ok you will need a total of three wires 2 from the black connector one from the grey connector

You will need the Dark Blue Wire, The Red/Pink, And the Black Wire.

Blue Wire = Fog Lamps
Red/Pink = Power
Black = Ground

The best switch to go with is toggle switch they work best I tried to be different with another kind it did not fit at all, and it didn’t look right you can check it out in the pic below. But it got the job done.

Now if you get this Red Toggle switch I got it makes it very easy it can be bought at Radio Shack 2.99+tax Catalog #: 275-706 you SHOULD get this switch its GREAT! Bright red light gotta love it ;)

Once you got them splice into the wire, and add your wires that are coming from the switch.
Wire set up is:
Ground=Black Wire
ACC= Blue Wire
*Its recommended that you use a Multimeter to be sure the wire is the correct wire.

On the side of the switch there will be an orange sticker that says Ground, ACC, and Power

Once you run your wires connect the battery to test it,

Once the switch lights up and fog lamps are on you know you've done it right. Now tape up your connections with the electrical tape OR you can solder your connections because I know some people prefer to solder over tape especially if there never disconnecting that setup.

Now you know your switch works make a hole or pick a place to mount your switch.

Finished Result:

Now just put the screws back in, cover back on and reconnect your batt and enjoy your fogs without the headlamps.
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