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How to Get a Chrome Shifter

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OK, here's what you have all been waiting for. I decided that to keep your costs down, I'm just going to post the ordering information here (instead of buying them myself and selling them..which would have resulted in double shipping costs). This way the prices will stay as low as possible since it is a little high.

Here's the dealer you have to call:

The dealer is K&M Dodge:
4100 Plainfield Ave. Grand Rapids, Ml 49525

Call (800)999-9470 and ask for Tom

Order part #4593527-AA

He charged me $76.50 + $4.59 shipping for a total of $81.09

If you have any problems, let me know :)

And tell him randy sent you ;) (you don't have to do this)


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Oh yeah...and don't forget who to thank for this info ;)
My bad. I had them written next to each other and typed the wrong number :(

Thanks for pointing that out!!
I fixed the number in the first post; now it is correct!!

I'm very sorry, so if you ordered with my original number and didn't verify the part, call him back ASAP!!

BTW, Tom was a pretty nice guy!
How close are you to this dealer, Warlord?

and out of curiousity, have you ever been there before??

Originally posted by Warlord187:

Thanks again for your great detective work. :)
Actually, a lot of credit for this can go to Mike, from the parts department at Canandaigua Motors in New York.

He was very helpful and went above and beyond what any other dealer would do for me. That's why when I ordered my leather boot the other day, I called him to order it instead of going to my crappy local dealers. He also has better prices ;)

If your looking for parts, i'd suggest both of these dealers. Anyone in New York been to this dealer?

We should start a list of good and bad chrysler/dodge dealers?

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Just curious if anyone else ordered today?
Yep, that's why he's the only one who has them; he's still having them made, even though Chrysler is not. Sorry to hear he sold out already, but hopefully he'll get the new ones soon :) case anyone forgot where to get them :)
robin said:
Approx. what date are we talking about for the 75 to arrive?
Sjould be there by now, that post was way back in November :)
thump186 said:
i called a dealer in my erea and he also can get them but he has to order them he told me if i ordered one today he can have it by thursday. he also gave me the price of 62.30 for it no shipping if i pick it up from him. i would imagine other dealers can also get these shifters all theyu have to do i refence the # it is the same shifter.
i'll bet you $100 they send you a leather one since chrysler no longer uses these and no dealers have them anymore. they will just send the leather as a replacement BELIEVE ME...I WENT THRU OVER 100 DEALERS ACROSS THE US AND CANADA BEFORE I FOUND THIS DEALER!!!

This dealer is still having them special made.

But don't believe only took me a few months to find one.....
thump186 said:
im not sure randy. but he read the description to me as a chrome and leather wraped shifter... but their # is 1-207-945-5674 and he used your part # told me it was a working part#.
well....if anyone could get them at their local dealer...this thread would be unneccessary.....

i was told a few times by dealers they could get it...only to find they got the leater one afterall.
i'm just trying to save you the time and effort i put into looking for these. i kid you not, it took me months to find them!

that's the reason this info was posted, no one could find them, i did, and i shared that info.

i'm done trying to help.....go buy it from your dealer and find out the hard way (like i did multiple times).
98intrepidandrew said:
all right, is that dealer still going to have those shifters? I stripped the screw on mine taking it off, and hell, might as well get a whole new shifter as opposed to a .25 cent screw.
only way to know for sure is to call. he used to have them, but i haven't spoken to them since i bought mine many months ago.
str8game said:
does anybody have any pics of this shifter? and is it for manual only or for automatics?
it's only for manual intrepids :p (since they don't exist)

here's another picture:

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