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BIG thanks to Argus for the OTIS post. If it wasn't for his post, this would never have happened. Thanks Argus :biggrin:

IMPORTANT: Before you attempt to install, please first read this in its entirety, several times. This is a BIG project. Then, determine if this is the install is for you. Feel free to send me a private message by clicking on my user name at the top with ANY questions :icon_ques

Obviously, I cannot guarantee in any way that you will have the success I did. If you do this install, it will be at your own risk. I accept no responsibility for any unforeseen trouble. NO warranty is expressed or implied. I am unsure of compatibility and wire colors with other year and other model vehicles.

Definitions -
ATC - Automatic Temperature Control
BCM - Body Control Module.
RKE - Remote Keyless Entry.
OTIS - Overhead Travel Information System.
IP - Instrument Panel cover. This is the black cover across the top of the dash. Has 3 speaker grills in it.

Items needed:
1. Premium BCM w/ Black plug. Check black connector, you want 14 wires in it. If it only has 9 wires, BCM doesn't have alarm.

2. RKE module w/ plugs.

3. Sun sensor/LED w/ plug. Get unit that has sun sensor (yellow dot) and LED (red lens on top).

4. Standard 5 blade relay and socket. Make sure it's a 5-blade relay and not a 4-blade relay. This is to isolate the left door unlock motor.

5. Trunk Switch from trunk lock cylinder.

6. Switches for both left and right door lock cylinders or a “normally open momentary push button” switch. The door switches are both different and are not interchangeable. They snap on the end of the door lock cylinder inside the door.

7. OTIS w/ plug.

8. Temp sensor from back of front bumper, drivers side w/ plug.

9. ATC unit.

10. Ambient temp sensor. Under dash bezel above glove box.

11. 14-speed blower motor module with 3 wire plug.

12. Auto dim mirror w/ plug.

13. Remote for keyless entry. '93 to '97 are the same. '98 and newer are different.

14. Wire in many colors and gauges. The OTIS and ATC require a twisted pair of wires for the CCD bus. They are purple and white wires twisted. Get a couple of long sections from the Junker car so you don't have to make these. They are twisted for a reason.

Wire color key
VT - Violet
YL - Yellow
BK - Black
BR - Brown
BL - Blue
DB - Dark Blue
LB – Light Blue
GR - Green
DG - Dark Green
LG – Light Green
RD - Red
OR - Orange
WT - White
PK - Pink
GY - Gray
TN - Tan

Most wires are solid color with a different color stripe (tracer). A Red wire with a White trace is noted as RD/WT. If the wire is a solid only, say Red, it's noted as RD.Use an an ohm meter for wire tracing and not voltage w/ a light so possible sensors or modules are not hurt. When you need to add wire, use suggested guideline per instruction. Some wire connections will require cutting an existing wire (tap), and soldering the three ends together. After all wires are run, wrap with tape to protect them. Use zip ties to hold in place.

1. Disconnect battery. Remove - IP cover, left front pillar cover, radio bezel, radio, heat control, glove box, dash trim pieces, dash end covers, dash knee bolster. Instructions to remove these can be found in a Haynes manual.

2. Install new BCM.
Click for OTIS post by Argus and install - <A HREF="" target="_blank">OTIS install </A>

3. Install LF and RF door lock cylinder switches. Connect BK wire to BK wire in door harness. Run other wire from each switch to BCM Black connector cavity 3 LG/OR. If you do not use these, you'll need a hidden “normally open momentary push button switch”. Connect one side of switch to ground and the other side of switch to BCM black connector cavity 3 LG/OR

4. Mount trunk lock cylinder switch. Plug in. Track VT/YL wire from plug to VT/YL wire in dash connection on drivers side. (The trunk wire harness runs the left side of the car under the carpet, up behind the left kick panel to the dash connection) Run wire from dash connection VT/YL to BCM Black Connector cavity 24 VT/YL.

5. Install RKE module on dash right side.
DB/WT to harness on dash DB/WT
WT from RKE to BCM gray connector cavity 15 GY/TN
BK/WT to trunk switch next to glove box BK/WT
PK/VT to BCM gray connector cavity 21 PK/VT
OR/WT to BCM gray connector cavity 18 OR/WT
PK/BK to relay (see relay info)
PK to harness on dash PK
BK to harness on dash BK
DG to traction control switch connector DG. Run wire to this location and keep it DG to avoid confusion when programming. Tape wire to traction control connector harness for and seal it from shorting. All cars have this connector.

SEE- <A HREF=""> Install factory ATC, Alarm, Keyless entry, Auto dim mirror and OTIS - part 2</A>
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