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This first post is to discuss the general topic of replacing the inner tie rod bushings on a 2nd gen LH car. My 2001 Intrepid started having some minor distractions in the steering system while driving 30 + MPH. I raised the front end on a hoist and discovered that my inner tie rod bushing for the left wheel had become slightly loose. Most of the bushing was still in place but, I could feel the looseness in the wheel while grasping the edges at 9 and 3 o'clock.

I had also noted the degradation in steering control while traveling over uneven pavements. It was feeling like the car wanted to steer a path of it's own while holding the wheel steady.

So, while the phone finishes uploading the pictures to the public site, I will point out this is how to install the OEM bushings which are a metal sleeve encased by a neoprene or rubber bushing. In essence, this is what I call the "One piece" type of bushing. These were purchased from the dealer for about $18. I will also point out that I work for this dealer so, unless you work for Chrysler, your costs will be higher. I will post the retail price later on when I find it.

There are aftermarket bushing kits available from many suppliers so, if someone has a link they can post, please do. I usually prefer the OEM bushings due to the fact that I bought one of the installation tools on EBAY for much less than the Miller tool catalog would charge me or my dealer. I'm assuming these are still floating around in auctions from time to time so, if you would like to try this repair, I recommend using this Miller 8438 tool set.

This repair took me about 2 hours total which also included time to take pictures along the way and removal of body structure for ease of photo taking view. Your results will be different. Especially, if you use the 3 piece bushing set. These are not pressed in and require no special tools to install except perhaps a torque wrench.

Just an end note about this bushing kit I installed. There are new bolts included with the kit which pass through the bushing(s) for mounting. They are slightly different in design from the original bolts but end up being installed exactly the same way as the original bolts. The bolts I removed and discarded had a 22mm hex head. The replacement bolts have a 15mm hex head with a washer incorporated in the design of the bolt head. New washers and a new locking tab were also included in the kit.

That's all for now. Pictures are forthcoming...
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