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Well I like the look of the standard LHS guages but they are rather plain. Just like most all other common cars on the road.

So i went ahead and bought a guage panel froom an intepid (was 36 dollars from the local junkyard). It had about the same milege as my current car.

Went home and took my gauge panel out. It was very easy to remove.

1 pop off the fuse cover.

2 unscrew the cover thatis over the light swtich (1 screw) and then pop off the light swtich cover.

3 pop off the triple vent assembly (just pops off, no screws).

4 Remove the 1 screw under the left wood trim peice and then pop that off (just gives more wiggle room when removing the guage panel facia.

5 unscrew the 2 screws under the gauge panel fascia.

6 pop off the gauge panel fascia (wiggle it out).

7 unscrew the 2 screws under the gauge panel itself.

8 now the gauge panel just pops out BUT on top of the guages is a peice of plastic that is holding it in. Just push that peice of plastic up and that will make it so that the panel will pop out.

9 now just pull the panel out firmly, it may take a bit of wiggling but it will pop out.

10 once that is done, you will notice that the LHS/Concorde/Vision gauges have one connector that is 90 degree's rotated from the one that is on the intrepid.

11 what I did was to get my dremel tool and put a drill bit on the end of it.

12 I then popped the left hand plug assy off by releasing the catch and rotating it and popping it out. (i then pulled it out and moved it to the side)

13 I then scribed a square jsut right of where the current left hand plug assembly was located.

14 I then took my dremel and just used the drill bit to cut along the plastic (MAKE SURE THERE ARE NO WIRES BEHIND IT, there weren't any at all behind my panel).

15 once I cut the square out, I then just cleaned it out.

16 I then pulled the left hand plug out (it has slack) and plugged it into the intrepid gauge (make sure you align it the same way as the right hand gauge, when you see it, you will know what I mean).

17 once that is done, you are able to slide the gauge panel and then the right hand plug will automatically just be lined up and plug in itself.

18 Turn the engine on and make sure the guages seem to work and that the blinkers work and stuff.

19 Now just reassemble everything and admire your newer looking gauges.

Now I can consider one of the custom gauge updates.
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