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<div align=center><b>K&N Air Filter</b></div>
One of the simplest modifications to do to any car, and especially
an Intrepid, is the replacement of the OE air filter with one made by
K&N. First you need to order (shops don't seem to have them on
hand) a drop-in panel filter that fits right in the stock airbox. It
should cost no more than $50US. The installation is quite simple.
Please note that the modification described was performed on the
3.5 Liter engine, but the procedures should be similar for the 3.3.
The only tool you should need is a Phillips head screwdriver. After
you lift the hood, locate the big black rectangular airbox on the
passenger side. Disconnect the clamp that holds the black
accordian tube to the airbox, then disconnect the clamp that holds
the other end of the accordian tube. Remove the accordian tube.
There are 4 screws that hold the top of the airbox to the bottom.
Remove these screws and put them somewhere where you won't
lose them. Lift up the top of the box on the screw-side of the box
and then slide the whole top assembly back over to the passenger
side. There are a few tabs in the bottom of the box that line up with
holes in the top and the whole thing should slide straight off. Put
the top of the box aside.
Remove the old air filter from the airbox. There might be some
debris at the bottom of the box and this would be a good time to
clean it out. If you clean it out, let it dry compeltely before installing
the new filter. At this point take the K&N out of the protective bag it
comes in and be careful to only touch it on the rubber edges. Drop
it right in the box and make sure it sits the same way the old one
did. You can move it around a little to make sure it has seated
After you're done with that, slide the airbox top back on to the box
and make sure you put the tabs through the slots on the top.
Screw the box back together and then replace the accordian tubing
and clamp it back down at both ends. That's it! Do a quick look
around the engine bay, make sure you don't have leftover parts or
tools, then shut the hood - you are ready to enjoy driving your more-
efficient Intrepid.
<div align=center><b>Removal of Air Restrictor</b></div>
In the 3.5L engine there's an air restriction device inside the black
accordian tube. It is actually a very well-designed part, as it does
its job well and doesn't adversely affect performance. If you're
looking for a deeper growl or a turbo-ish whooosh then you might
consider removing this part. Again the modification is simple, you
don't even need any tools to perform it.
Remove the accordian tube at both ends and set the clamps aside.
At the end towards the back of the bay there's a small plastic cone
inside the tube and it should be readily visible. The easiest way to
remove this cone is to stand the tube vertically on the ground and
compress it so the diameter expands slightly. You should be able
to wrestle the cone out of the tube by pushing down on the cone. If
the cone breaks, like mine did, you have to be VERY careful to
account for all the tiny pieces of plastic because that's the last
place you want tiny shards of plastic. If this happens you might
even want to run water through a hose down there to flush out the
nooks and crannies.
Reinstall the accordian tube and clamp it at both ends. That's it!
There's a noticeable difference in sound, especially if you have a
K&N air filter, if you really mash the gas hard. The engine sounds
much throatier and deeper. If you don't like the change, you can
reinstall the restrictor, if, of course, it didn't break during the
removal process.
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