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Ok, my first mod is now complete. Thanks to those who provided assistance.

You will need -
1) 2 lighted visors
2) 4 ScotchLok wire-tap clips
3) The plugs from the donor car (1 / visor)

1) Loosen both A-pillar covers. Careful, don't snap the clip off like I did on 1 side. Look at the OTIS install for more on this.

2) Remove the old visors, and remove the visor clips.

3) Remove your map lights by pulling on them.

4) Where your map lights are connected, you need to tap the black wire and the pink wire. Put 2 scotchlok connectors on each wire. There are 2 wires that run to each visor under the headliner. My plugs were long enough that I could run them over from the map lights. You might need to splice additional wires on yours.

5) Pull the headliner down at the corner, and thread the wire up above the headliner over to the hole where the visor pivots. Push the plug out through the hole. There is a channel in the plastic fitting attached to the roof of the car that comes through the hole. Position the wire so that it goes through this channel.

6) Repeat for the other side.

7) Plug in your visors, and then feed the extra wire back up the hole.

8) Screw your visors into place.

9) Reassemble everything. The map light take a good push to clip back in place. If it's sitting out from the headliner, push harder.

9) Tip a brew and admire your work.

Total time for an idiot to complete: 1.25 hours. YMMV.


This is the way I did it, and it worked. This information is provided for reference only, and is not intended to replace any technical information you may have about your car. If you use this as an instruction manual, you do it at your own risk.
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