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Hey everyone, I have another question. When I first got my car, there was an aftermarket alarm in there. It is still in there but I have a problem.

when I got the car, both remotes were cracked in a place that made it impossible to put on my keychain. I didn't mind this until the insides of the remote started falling through those cracks. The remotes work if you slap them hard enough now...but I still have a problem.

I ordered new ones through ebay (Four) all in decent shape. My main problem is this one word:


The guy said that he would send instructions if he could find them, which I'm hoping he can find.

But just in there a pretty common or maybe universal way to program the remotes?

It is a Carbine Alarm that unlocks the doors. There are two buttons:

Grey: Locks/Unlocks while Arming/Disarming
Green: I have no clue what this button is for, and as far as I've found, it has no purpose.

If anyone knows anything about this subject...HOLLA!!

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