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There are many members here who desire an OTIS who need to install a premium BCM. But the question remains...even after some other how-to's...HOW TO?

Many others have laid out their own instructions, which I might add were VERY helpful (Argus had a great one, but the pictures no longer work). So here is the Duncan version. It is focused around the removal and installation of the BCM.
Step 1.

First of all, we're going to cover the removal of these components...starting with the BCM. So what do we do first? We begin to disassemble the dash...that's what. We will only be dropping down the right side of the lower dash to gain access to the BCM which finds its home on the right wall of the inner dash.

Start out by opening your passenger side door. At the end of the dash-board, you will see a panel with a vent on it. By sticking your fingers into the vent, and pulling outward, you will be able to remove this panel. It is held in by clips. So pull it out!

You will also need to remove the light grey kick panel that has the arrows on it (bottom right side). There are four screws holding this panel in. There is one up at the top of the strip right next to the end-cap, two screws under the dash on the side, and one screw on the doorway strip on the bottom. Remove all of these screws.

Once you remove the light grey kick panel, you will notice that there are three bolts running vertically along the doorway (at end of dash). With a 3/8 socket, remove the top and bottom bolts. These are retaining bolts for the lower dash.

Now that the side panel is off, you will notice a few more screws on the end of the dash. The screws are circled in this image. One of the screws is a T20 Torx screw...and is the mounting bolt for the BCM. See image.

Now sit in front of the dash. There are two more panels that need to be removed before you'll be able to drop the dash down a bit. These panels are the panels that house the heater vents...they can be pulled directly out using your hands, and the prying power of a small flat-head screwdriver. They are pictured here:

Now that these panels have been removed, you've gained access to yet SOME MORE screws. That's right...keep out your philips, because its work isn't done here!

Behind the vent panel closest to the driver's seat, there are two screws in particular that must be removed.

After you remove these screws, scoot to the right and remove TWO more screws from behind the other vent panel.

Note: Removal of the stereo may help make this project easier, though isn't completely crucial

Now pop open your handy dandy glove box and relocate its contents somewhere out of the way (back seat). There are a few screws in this area that need to be removed. There are two quite visible after opening the door, and then BEHIND the glovebox, there are two more screws.

After all of these screws are removed, the access to the BCM will have been granted. That's right, you're there baby!! Take hold of the glovebox and gently pull outward and down. When doing this, you will see the diamond in the rough...your BCM.

Don't mind those stray wires, for this picture was taken after I removed the old BCM. Here is a picture of the BCM when in proper location.

Notice that the black wiring harnes (one on the bottom) only has nine wires on it. If this is the case for YOUR wiring harness and BCM, then you have nothing to worry about. However, if your black harness has the 14 wires, then ground pin three to bypass the factory alarm properties in the BCM. (Instructions in the picture).

Installation should be obvious, and the OTIS instructions are better explained by Argus in his How-To. However, you have questions regarding the installation of the OTIS console, I can help you through email or instant messenger, or any form you can think of (other than driving there and doing it for you).
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