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2000 Intrepid R/T 3.5 H.O.
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Just bought my 1st ever trizznepid for $500 bucks since my Honda Accord V6 that I bought for a $100 had been consumed by rust. I ran the balls off that car for 3 years and it NEVER left me stranded. Never looked into-trepids lol (always had in my head they were not that good of cars) until I was offered the 2000 R/T for $500 bucks. I did quick search online before making that very hard financial decision lol. And then decided to drain my savings (lol no it was all my savings damn child support) and bought it. I have fallen in love with it even though there has been times I want to beat the crap out of it by grabbing a baby (not mine of course) by the leg and using the baby as a hammer and destroying the car. But that thought has only crossed my mind like 3 times. Other than that I love the car, it has been takin care of for the most part ( wasn’t driven very hard) but when I went to change the differential fluid, let just say a gerbil could piss more after a night of drinking then what came out of the diff ( no joke I had an alcoholic gerbil at one time, he finally got his life together by going to AA meetings and finding a new girlfriend and everything. He was doing really good then all of a sudden he died, he forgot he was a gerbil and they don’t live very long especially Alcoholic gerbils. RIP Hiccup I’ll never forget you I’ll even pour some out for you…. oh wait never mind you stoped drinking I’m sorry back to my trep). I have put about anther $500 into parts with way more still needed but motor runs good, tranny dosnt seem to make much noise neither does the transmission. (Yah there is a guy that dress like a girl that came with the car. He won’t die even if I keep the windows up parked in 105 degrees Fahrenheit parking lot. I was thinking about getting him removed but he is a good car alarm nobody messes with a sweaty tranny in a car especially since the ***** is already out in him.)(((This is just a joke I have nothing against Transvestites or anyone of that nature as long as your not tricking straight men into thinking you a real girl, but them not finding out until its to late and you have become Involuntary gay))) (((((again just a joke don’t get your panties all up in a bunch ha see what I did there.)))))) but any way good car alarm can be heard from miles away!
( the person that is breaking into the car screaming)

just want to thank you guys for all the wonderful knowledge that I have learned on this site and the stuff that I have no idea what these people are talking about Knowledge that I will understand after gasoline cars are banned.(always my luck). I love working on my car so much I do it every night even though by the end of the night I still didn’t get anything done that was worth while but my headlights look brand new. Along with the 5% tent on the windows now oh and the newly painted like a 4 year old hood. While there is more urgent things do be done on the car. But if you ask me the badly painted hood and window tint gives the car motivation to run better by itself because it has purpose now. Thanks guys and gals and guygals and galguys.
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