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hub and bearing torque values ?

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the one service manual (for 93-95 intrepid's) says
CAUTION: When torquing hub and bearing assembly to stub shaft retaining nut, do not exceed the maximum torque of 176 Nzm (130 ft. lbs.). If the maximum torque is exceeded this may result in a failure of the drive shaft.
well the new timken bearing assembly says to go to 180 ft lbs. what torque should i use?


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I believe that the wheel hubs/bearing assemblies are same part #s between first gen and second gen. I just looked up in the second gen manual and it says to torque the nut to 105 ft-lbs. If the first gen manual says not to exceed 130 and the second gen manual recommends 105, personally I would go with torquing the nut to 105 ft-lbs.

A side note that I will make is that if you look at the standard torque charts made by one company and compare it side by side to one made by another company then you will usually see quite a variance. In most cases I prefer to go with what the OEM recommends because that is what THEY torque the fasteners to themselves.
Go with what came with the new parts. The spec is specific to the part and it clearly states it may be different than whats in the manual.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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