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I finaly had a headlight bulb burn out they other day, when I went to change the damn thing, the entire assembly seperated from the mounts. :eek:

Ive never been a big fan of this cars headlights before, but I decided to go shopping for a new set, I pulled a few strings and got a new set (at dealer cost) for $150..

Popped in a couple of Philips high intensity halogen bulbs, and I'm amazed at the difference.

Anyone thinking of swapping out those lenses, DO IT!
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Is there anyway you can seperate those lenses? Anyone done that? I think if I could seperate the lense from the rest of the case then I can really clean them up.. I done the outside but the inside is shot more... :(
They looked sealed to me, you could possibly dremel along the seams and seal them back up again, but there are aftermarket lenses out there now..someone posted a link here.. you can get a new set for $120.. Much less hassle if you ask me..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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