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I didn't know I was racing...

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For a little background, I'm a consultant, and I live in MD near DC. My current project is in NJ, and I drive up and down every week. ANYWAY, as I was driving in this morning on the NJ turnpike, I was kind of zoned out (7 am), when I noticed a non-riced out Civic to my right. I wouldn't of payed it any attention but

1. The driver kept looking at me like he wanted something.
2. I was going 105.

So, realizing that I was in a race, I slowed down just enough (to about 99) to let him pass me (wait for it). So he slugged by, got in front of me and started to pull away. That's when I swung over to the right lane and punched it. Needless to say, he soon fell out of sight. He passed me a few miles down the road (I hit traffic). He had a look of "WTF" on his face.

I love my car. :cool:
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True, but I wasn't really "out", just not looking at the car next to me. I usually drive that fast to stay alert.
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