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I just bought yet another piece for my car stereo system:

Pretty ain't she?

Look at that power! 534 watts... RMS!!! :drool:

Now all I need are four more pieces and I'm done! Three will be bought tomorrow: Phoenix Gold TLD2 line drivers. The last one will have to wait until I get more cash into my bank account: Phoenix Gold ZX400ti.

I own these pieces already:
Alpine CDM-7824
Alpine 5960
Alpine ERE-G180
Phoenix Gold ZX600ti
Phoenix Gold ZX475ti (the one above)
Infinity Kappa 10.1t (pr)
Infinity Kappa 63i (pr)
Infinity Kappa 692i (pr)
Infinity Reference 2½" cone (pr - factory stock)
Kicker Solo S8d (Qty2)
Kicker Solo S10a (Qty2)
Kicker Solo S12L7 (Qty1)

With the purchase of the ZX400ti, I'll have the whole family of ZXti amps. I'm gonna be in music heaven. :D

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