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I goto a very expensive private school and well i drive an intrepid basicly everyone that goes their have parents with money growing out of their ass's
mine do to but they dont spoil me
all i do is get hounded about driving an intrepid with a system in it with fear this on the side im like the only one who actually pays for my car everyone else has had their momy or dady buy them some 2000-2002 vehicle I thikn i got one of the oldest vehicles in the lot...............they make fun of me but they wont prove my car sucks by having a race....GOD I HATE PRIVATE SCHOOLS
Hell i dont even have a game councle just some old pos computer to play on
all I hear at my school is(aw man my parents said they wont buy me the x-box for another week) all they do is complain and complain and complain.......cant they just be happy with the things they got....

sorry if this offends anyone just refuring the west side of the city I live on(I grew up on the east side)
i know not all rich people are like this but thats just how they are in southern indiana stuckup snoby whiners

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