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Yeah, I hate spoiled rich kids. If a kid is rich because he is self made or worked his ass off that's cool. I wish I was rich though or atleast had some decent money.

I started out when I was working on systems and with Hard Disk drives, I made a big hard disk drive sale and racked up about $1500.00 to put down on a car, my first car was a 87 Volvo 760 Turbo wagon w/power everything, it had like 140,000 miles but ran allright. I was gonna put some major beat in there. It also had a lot of room for my friends and for my business.

Would have even ran better if I had a chance to tune it up. The car was in my parents name because I was not 18 yet at the time. I moved out because they were always givin' me hell and they sold my car since it was in there name being pist that I moved out and didn't have to take their crap anyore. I never got a penny and they got a million reasons why they did it. I was pissed off but I'm not really grudgin' hard about it but you just learn to work around things or make the best with what you have.

Then when I was 18 I got my 95 Intrepid base 3.3L and moved on from there...

Later guys,
MoparPerformance :cool:

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