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I wouldn't necessarily consider mileage a major concern. My old car, a 95 Intrepid 3.3L had 118,000 miles on it when I bought it, ran like new, and I had to do very little to it. I had the front stabilizer links replaced (there was a rattle in the front end when going over bumps), I also had the outer tie rod ends replaced. The water pump needed to be replaced at one point during the year I owned it, but that's because the seal was leaking, not a problem with the pump itself.

I traded it in to the dealer with 178,000 miles on it, almost new Goodyear Regatta-2 tires all around, and still in good running condition. I got $1000 for it. The air conditioning didn't work, but there were holes in the condenser (causing freon leaks) so that was no surprise.

If that white one is a 97 and has that many miles on it, they ain't city miles. :)

The bottom line is that it sure seems like the Intrepids and other LH cars (even 93 and 94's) know how to grow old gracefully. My car would have probably started nickel-and-dime-ing me to death very soon, but it was a damn good car.

Either of the Intrepid's you're looking at will be good reliable cars, I'm sure. I guess it comes down to what you think is more important; interior/exterior looks, mileage, engine size, etc.

But please, NEVER take it to one of those oil change places for a transmission fluid and filter change. THEY WON'T USE THE RIGHT STUFF (most likely). :)

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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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