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For the most part nothing important really goes on in Minnesota. The way I figured it, no terrorist would waste the gas it takes to drive, let alone fly to my city of 80,000. I'm sitting here in Minnesota thinkin'..."damn, I sure am glad to be here...away from any weird terrorist stuff".

When suddenly I realize Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman (The Egyptian cleric convicted of being the mastermind behind the World Trade Center bombing.) is being held in a Federal prison (LITERALLY) 10 miles of my house!

Use to be only 1/2 mile from my house but I moved 2 years ago!

-- --

Osama bin Laden has been vowing to free him and numerous other Muslims held prisoner by the United States.

Relationship with Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman
(by Osama bin Laden)

"We place the complete responsibility on the American government of any attacks against Muslims and its support of regimes in our countries against the best interest of the people. We also hold them responsible for its attacks on Islamic symbols, Sheik Abdel Rahman, who is considered one of most prominent Islamic scholars who Allah gave the courage to speak the truth."

"We hear that he is in a bad health condition, and he is a man beyond 60 years of age and is blind and America treats him badly. The imprisonment of Sheik Omar is an attack on the Muslim religion, and countries. We hold it completely responsible for the imprisonment of Sheik Omar and the imprisonment of other Muslims in America."

In our local newspaper there is an article with a bin Laden interview, here is an exerpt from it. - bin Laden shifted into an exhortation to martyrdom. "You will not die needlessly" he said.

Does that mean Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman may become a martyr? If so...does that mean my city may be targeted for destruction?

I didn't even mention the fact that the Mayo Clinic draws a LARGE number of Middle Eastern customers from many different countries.

So many in fact that there is a terminal designated specifically for Middle Easterners at our small but International airport. The Mayo Clinic treats leaders of numerous Middle Eastern countries; United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia to name just a few.

I just sit there and think.....the only way to get him is a huge assult, or sacrafice him during a biological attack....

Australia, here I come.

I guess I don't know what to make of it all, just figured I would put this out for comments.

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Our governor is a blow hard. All talk and no show. If he had any balls he wouldn`t need all those MN State Patrol officers covering his ass. That we Minn tax payers pay for.
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